Journey 1 Day 21 – Celebrations

21 Jan

Today its my amazing and beautiful wife’s birthday. It has provided some great opportunities to express some creativity in terms of plans, celebrations and presents.  There is also the opportunity to create quality time as an immediate family and time with family and friends. Our younger son has become very taken with Wallace and Grommit so it was great to be able to make a Grommit cake (with some key help from Hazel) as part of the plans for a birthday tea!

Having completed the Rice and Beans Challenge it was also nice to have that freedom to be able to make choices again about what to eat. Something I know all to easily I take for granted… and to be honest have already started to take for granted even after this week. However I did approach todays choices with a definite sense of gratitude and thankfulness that so often I easily forgot to really do!

But today is a day not for so much reflection but celebration and gratitude for family and the many blessings and joys of life.


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