Journey 1 Day 18 – Creativity and Change

18 Jan

A lot of news reviews on 2011 are saying was an epic year. So much seemed to happen as depicted by this brilliant Google Video. The movements that created epic changes often started from the grass roots and online. So it seems fitting that today many sites are creating a blackout in protest at the potential of these creative movements being in jeopardy. Movements for change can be incredibly powerful and important. History and also the present highlight so many people, groups and movements who have stood up to the status quo and in doing so have brought significant winds of change in enabling a good and better, more just society.

I recently discovered an excellent and thought provoking blog post titled 30 things we need and 30 we don’t. For me it was both profound and provocative. The post is challenging the fast paced, information driven, fill our time way of being way of being we live for. Juxtaposing things in this way can be a very powerful thing. It highlights the possibility of change, of the power of saying no to one way of being and Yes to another!

The challenging thing about the comparative list is that whilst I want to embrace the column that says we need more of this, its not as easy as that in the everyday reality of life. But that should not be my excuse to just say, oh well that mountain seems to hard to climb so I won’t bother. A lot of creativity, change and transformation is not just about inspiration (but that is an important ingredient) but also perspiration!

Having had the inspiration to do both this journey throughout the year, and the rice and beans challenge this week, I’m finding myself having to really persevere and its not easy, and I’m right now not feeling that creative. The Rice and Beans Challenge is definitely causing me to reflect and be grateful for what I have and what so many people do not have. Our teams efforts are going well and we have managed to raise quite a bit of money for Tearfund’s work.

I am taking heart because I know that a lot of great songs, books, organisations, movements and relationships have often gone through a tough process of struggle and difficulty before the good really comes to the fore. This week may be about surviving but over the course of this journey I am seeking to be thriving!

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