Journey 1 Day 12 – Less is More

12 Jan

After 10 consecutive days of posting daily blogs it was quite freeing and refreshing to take a break yesterday. Having thought things through and talked things over with friends sustaining daily blogging was a dream that had to die!

It was a shear joy to follow and engage with Brian Drapers recent Advent 20. 20 Short daily reflections and 1 mini action for each day in the lead up to Christmas. Its simplicity and concise approach (A bit Like Henri Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey) was key to being able to sustain that daily Rhythm of engaging and it didn’t feel daunting and heavy. It was actually a joy and really enriched my mind and soul.

I was also struck today by something that a Colleague said.Simplicity, focus and taking up a single initiative can be very powerful and profound as well as creating the best impact and way of engaging people.

I think this post takes me back to my Day 2 and Day 4 posts in my Journey. Being Fully Present in the moment is a screaming YES to Less is More and a YES to actually getting the most out of, and also giving the most to the moment. The Sabbath principle from Day 4 is also a big YES to Less is More as well. Taking that time out to stop and rest and recharge, even if we are wired as activists is a crucial way of being.

The concept of Less is More also helps me to reflect on the lives of people I have met on my travels with Tearfund. People with less material things than me who gave me so much more in terms of welcome, love, warmth, joy and a deep rooted sense of community and gratitude that was humbling and also inspiring. This concept is summed up so well in the story of the Widow who gave so little but actually gave so much because it was sacrificial (Mark 12: 41-43, Luke 21: 1-4)

So here’s to Quality not Quantity. Here’s to less posts and less links. Less really is more.

P.S. On the theme of Less. Its encouraging and exciting to discover that Consumer Detox (Breathe Network) have now launched their online Lent course. Less Stuff, More Life. I’m looking forward to doing this course as part of my next Journey on simplicity and having an opportunity to engage in this in the period of Lent.

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