Journey 1 Day 7 – Food

07 Jan

I absolutely love food and love the fact that it enables great opportunities for great social occasions and creativity. For me, food is very much linked to family, relationships and so many great events, key experiences and memories in my life. Today we are getting creative with food in our house by clearing out the cupboards and making some savoury and sweet treats with lots of leftovers! Should be fun. May post some results tomorrow!

My wife Hazel is someone who is very passionate about food and certainly has a great deal of talent, knowledge and creativity when it comes to all things food. She is a state registered Dietician but also a brilliant baker and all round creative genius! She has recently launched a blog which will be well worth checking regularly for recipes and top tips!

Its also been amazing to be a very small part in a community based food growing project where we live in conjunction with the charity A Rocha at a local allotment. We have only been to a couple of working days and some community events and celebrations but its been brilliant to see lots of people from quite diverse backgrounds come together and be creative and celebrate with food at the heart of things!

I’m also aware that much of the creativity and taste I experience and also produce when it comes to food is very often a luxury and a great treat that I so very often take for granted. For many people food is simply a means of eating for survival or to sustain energy. For many food is something that remains a significant challenge.

I was humbled and amazed on my last trip with Tearfund to Malawi where I spent a week living with a family in Northern Malawi. Their resources were limited but their creativity and generosity to prepare food for me and the extended family was simply amazing. I will always cherish and remember the meals we shared together and for the spirit and resourcefulness in which the meals were prepared and shared together.

So in honour of this generosity and to stand, albeit briefly, in solidarity with those who so often do not get to eat very much at all me and my colleagues in Tearfund’s Transform team are going to live off rice, beans and water for a week from 9th – 13th January by taking the Rice and Beans Challenge.  Its part of a Christmas fundraising initiative that we have instigated to raise funds for the amazing partner projects that Tearfund support.

I also plan to repeat the challenge next month on my 2nd Journey ‘Simplicity’

To sponsor me as or to give to Tearfund please visit my Tearfund giving page

Anything you can give will make a big difference. Here’s to a week of cooking creatively with rice and beans!

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