Journey 1 Day 3 – Play

03 Jan

I have just been watching the brilliant 2 part ‘Imagine’ programme from before Christmas on The Art of Stand up Comedy. What struck me was reality and importance of pain, honesty and vulnerability being key to good comedy and also great creativity…. But that’s inspiration for another post/exploration. What I have been exploring today is the value and importance of play in being creative. Its something I’ve discovered/rediscovered with playing with my amazing children…. Imaginary worlds, Building dens, discovering incredible parks and creating lots of amazing things with Lego really do fuel the imagination and provide many hours of great fun and bonding as well as keeping perspective on life and not taking myself or matters to seriously!

Play has featured quite a lot for me over Christmas, but not just in playing with lots of new and amazing toys, but also in the brilliance of Games…. One such game that enables a great deal of comedy and creativity is Absolute Balderdash…. Creating plots for films, bizarre laws and random people is brilliant fun and its always really satisfying when 2 or more players vote for your efforts! This Christmas I played lots of great games with family and friends and the creativity and humour was brilliant!

I’ve also been playing my Guitar today for the first time in quite a while, I enjoyed the freedom of aiming to create some chord progressions and worked on some new ideas. It was great to create some space to play with freedom and have some space to play and sing, I didn’t nail a song or anything but enjoyed the space to play around with some ideas.

I’m aware that focused work is also crucial to enabling creativity and productive creativity, but in the spirit of yesterdays post and more reflections I have enjoyed the freedom of being able to play and reflect on its value and importance for life and creativity to not only flow but also be greatly enjoyed!

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