Journey 1 Day 2 – Fully Present

02 Jan

I haven’t written a song, a poem or anything yet but am feeling revitalised and refreshed and much the richer for taking some simple steps at the start of this journey to make a really conscious effort to be able to be ‘fully present’ in the moment and to not get sidetracked or distracted by abstract or random thoughts…. Not that doing this is always bad… but by being fully present over these two days its has enabled me to participate in and fully appreciate a great deal. Recreating song words for a fun sing along on our journey back to London from Norfolk, engaging conversations with family and friends, appreciating the beauty around me on a walk, savouring  the taste of great food and drink and being thankful for it and for those who took the time to prepare it…. Hey I was even able to pray some inspired prayers in Church by actually focusing and not getting distracted, thanks to the prayers of intercession for providing some great inspiration.

Before Christmas during advent I was part of a group who received daily emails from the Brilliant Brian Draper which helped me a great deal to cherish and make the most of the moment I was in, really helpful.

Now I’m all for dreaming dreams, thinking big, thinking outside the box and acting upon that….. But sometimes its so easy to miss the simple, amazing beauty of the ‘moment’ and to grasp it in its full glory and brilliance to turn the ordinary and everyday into something extraordinary! I’ve had two good days of that and have cherished a great deal about these 2 days with brilliant family and friends. And I’ve noticed, that Ben who commented brilliantly on my post which kicked this creativity journey off that we ‘box in’ creativity and life in all its fulness in at our peril! I’m off to cherish the rest of the day with a thankful heart!

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One response to “Journey 1 Day 2 – Fully Present

  1. Demelza Baker

    January 3, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Hi Matt

    Really inspired by what you’re up to with this, so am planning to read and journey with you. Especially with the beans and rice week!

    Thanks for doing this.



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