On Creativity

30 Dec

Its the 30th December! Had a really great Christmas with lots of family and friends and now just 2 days until I launch my 2012 Journey! Journey 1 is going to be on the theme of creativity. In some respects I am quite daunted and in other respects quite excited. Creativity is such a vital and important gift: Writing, Music, Poetry, Cooking, Art….. the list is endless and the skills and thought that go into so many things are amazing. But I have to admit that for me it creates a great deal of fear. Whether its a fear of failure, a fear that work created will be judged or fear of not doing it well have so often stopped me from doing it. Which is a kind of madness really! I’ve certainly created some great cakes in 2011…. Resulting in me winning the ‘bake off’ competition at my work with The Chocolate Orange cake and the incredibly named Choca Mocha Latte Tarte. But when it comes to writing or music I’ve really struggled.

I have to admit that I’ve become a far better consumer of creativity (No I’m not just talking about my Wife’s amazing food although that is true). In some respects I’m fine with that as I am glad I can appreciate the writing and music of many others. Rob Bell is someone I greatly admire as he clearly has a gift in creating and communicating with his films, books and brilliant resources. He is clearly a very gifted communicator but is also a very gifted creator and creates some amazing concepts as well as resources. I’ve also got a lot of respect for many singer songwriters and especially the brilliant Foy Vance

But I don’t think that I can just be a consumer, I want to have a go at being a contributor as well. Perhaps it will just remain at cakes but I’m also hoping that as well as writing this blog I will also create some things during my  Creativity Journey. Watch this space and see where we might go! I’m hoping to learn a lot and perhaps create some things along the way. In all my Travels with Tearfund one of the many impressive things about time spent with people in Kenya, India, Russia and Malawi was the way that people with very limited resources could create such brilliant things like Footballs, artwork and gifts…. truly inspiring and putting a lot of that ‘fear factor’ well and truly into perspective!


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3 responses to “On Creativity

  1. Ben

    December 31, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    A great theme Matt – creativity. I believe that we are (as God’s creations) instinctively creative beings. In fact, not only do we all have a tendency to ‘create’ and ‘be creative’ our very suvival depends on it. From the start of human history we have had to create in order to live – how to make fire, keep warm, kill for food etc. In today’s world it is not so different – how to keep a business or charity alive on ever decreasing resources, how to keep our churches relavant to the communities they serve – all this despends on creativity, on the ability to see what is not yet in place but what could be.

    This said, I believe one of the challenges many of us face is the belief that we aren’t very creative. We see musicians, artists, poets and the like and consider them creative band ourselves perhaps more conservative by comparison. But if creativity is to realise something new (or see something old in a new light) then we do it all the time without realising. Perhaps what I’m trying to say in a longwinded manner is there could be an argument for being more ‘creative’ in how we see creativity, for widening our definition and realising we are and we must always be creative and always ask God to open our eyes to the ever-infinite possibilities before us.

    I wish you every success for this challenge and the 11 to come…


  2. mattcurrey

    December 31, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Thanks Ben

    That’s a great comment and I would agree that there is some real thinking and action to be taken to widen and enhance the view of what it means to be creative. Thanks, that’s something to help me think more fully about creativity! Brilliant

  3. Andy Wilson

    January 1, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Totally agree with you Matt that we need creativity and to be creative, not just consume. I also have a fear, sometimes quite irrational, about taking the step out to be more creative!


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